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Since a long time span bags have been utilized to store and move different object and other things from one place then onto the next. In previous days the bags were produced using common materials like jute, cotton, and so forth. But the hindrance of these packs was its durability and low resistivity from moisture. To overcome the hindrances, paper bags were made which were overlaid with plastic materials like polypropylene, LDPE, PE, BOPP, and so forth. We present different sorts of polypropylene woven and non woven bags to the clients so they can simply store things in an appropriate way without the danger of the impact of the outside climate on it. Each of the paper poly woven packs is produced using top review of material and checked under exact quality check parameters to guarantee their quality and impeccable execution.

We are the most superior manufacturer and exporter of these paper poly bags, BOPP woven bags, multiwall paper bags, PP woven laminated wrap, woven laminated lumber wrap, woven fabric, container liner, coated paper fabric, and so forth. We even fare this unique scope of woven and non woven bags to Sudan.

 Sudan is located in the Northern Africa and is the third largest country of Africa. There are various cities in Sudan of which the largest ones are Khartoum, Omdurman, Khartoum, Kassala, El Obeid, Wad Madani, Port Sudan, El Fasher, Ad-Damazin, Geneina, etc. We are popular for giving paper and poly woven packs having extraordinary features like high quality, strength, moisture protection, best printing and diverse shapes. The customer can choose from the extensive variety of paper poly bags that we provide and benefit them at savvy rates and even modify the standard model according to their necessities.

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