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We are the foremost manufacturer, exporter and supplier of a remarkable scope of bags arranged from different sorts of materials which suit the zone of utilization. The paper polywoven bags are the traditional kind of bags fabricated from paper and are also given an additional layer of other material over it to enhance its quality and attributes. The PP woven laminated house wrap, roof underlayment, Kraft paper laminated woven fabric, multi colour paper poly woven bags that we offer have incredible wear and tear protection and are leak proof making it easy and simple to hold products in them. We also  give different sorts of beautiful colorful prints to influence them to look attractive. The paper bags are made in various shape, size, plan and setups that empower the customers to store appropriately the protest that they need.

Other than being a large manufacturer, the market achievement that we have built up has made us the most noticeable and dependable supplier and exporter in the world. Each of the assortments is presented to the clients situated in different nations of the world.

One of such nation where we send out our items is Ethiopia, the country located in the corner part of Africa. It is that most populated landlocked country in the world and second most populated nation of Africa. There are 70 cities in Ethiopia some of them are Addis Ababa, Gondar, Mek’ele, Adama, Hawassa, Bahir Dar, Dire Dawa, Dessie, Jimma, Jijiga, Shashamane, Bishoftu, etc. The customer can get an incredible variety of the paper poly packs and are additionally offered with an additional external layer of BOPP, PP, PE, LDPE, and so on to enhance the characteristics of the sack.

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